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Alpha 21-BT5PA(S852AP) S852 .21 RACE ENGINE WITH EFRA 2090 PIPE

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NOW available as a combo package at superb pricing including the Alpha Plus developed EFRA 2090 Tuned Pipe Set.

Alpha RC's new range of well priced, high quality, high performance engines have been incredibly well received throughout the world on there debut. Despite Alpha RC being a very new company to the RC industry the foundation of the company is built on many years of nitro engine reasearch, development and expertise. Consequently, since there original debut each and every one of Alpha RC's range of engines have been very highly regarded by racers of all levels.

The Alpha Plus S852 is one of the two 5+2 specifications offered by Alpha Plus, with the S852 being the engine designed purely for super strong bottom to mid-range performance and with a more than respectable top end RPM. Consequently then the S852 would be an ideal engine for anyone wanting a lot of bottom end power, which if your on a small, tight or twisty track, or a track where lots of power is necessary to clear jumps etc, then the S852 would be the only choice for your 1/8 buggy. With the S852 having such a great ammount of bottom end power, this engine would also then make a great choice for anyone wanting a more fuel efficient and driveable engine for use in a truggy.


Each engine comes complete with a 0.10mm head shim which is necessary for operating the engine on 30% fuel and a set of 2 alternative carb restrictors, to help further tune the engines power and economy.






Carb Dia---------------------8mm (Variable)